(I thought I’d try it again. I’m still unimpressed but my profile turned out pretty good.)
My Self Summary 

How would my friends describe me? I guess I’ll have to brunch with them. No that’s a, that’s a mean girl thing.
I’m serious. Focused. Some other adult words. I’m happy when I’m off track. Wow blowing off all responsibility feels like this. I should do heroine no that’s a, too much commitment.

I’m really good at 

Going home, alone. I don’t know if I like people enough to be around them after a date. Great. Night. I don’t Netflix and ch-. Oh…you’re still here. Right, this is your house.

What I’m doing with my life 

I own stuff. It pays, okay. I should lie, most people lie. Have you saw my fancy car? It’s a Hot Wheel. MINT! Still in the box.

Favorite books, music, movies 

I like them all. That I’ve watched or read.

Six things I could never do without 

Daylight. Night time. Vegetables. Peanut Butter. Cookies… other stuff.

I spend a lot of time thinking about 

This thing is taking, forever. I wonder, if the title of coffee drinks are related to a person’s ego? I am dark roast in a cup. Bagel. Uncomplicated.

On a typical Friday night 

I have done San Francisco, LA, Tahoe, Vegas, Portland, Phoenix in a week. I don’t know, what’s special about Friday?

You should message me if 

You think. Things like this, take time. I look at what people write and I don’t really message anyone. A lot of you are kind of, dead inside.
I’m looking for the one, that could look at their selfies in a onesie pajama, cat t-shirts, or unicorn something and say… what was that shit about again? You can’t even blame the drugs for being a follower.