I’ve read hundred of lawsuits, only one family received a settlement of $4,000,000. Even then, it was a civil penalty. To admit fault once would flatten the oil industry. They know it. The media treats oil as a cure for the economy. I’m not against oil I just don’t see any oversight or positive relationships between energy and the environment beyond cheap fuel. Sure, there’s pretty projects to explore alternative energy from oil companies but nothing too drastic to cut out the easy money. Compared to other countries with strict regulations. Strange how we’re exploring other planets as ours slowly collapses and now we have a presidency that will leave a scar big enough for us all to see. Time’s Person of The Year does not believe in climate change I wonder who’s up for next year? Homer Simpson might be available for all his achievements in nuclear energy. #oil #pipelines #money #business #nodapl #standwithstandingrock #dakotaaccesspipeline